VI5ANZAC Thursday 30th April Results

The last evening of operating VI5ANZAC by members of AREG has now come and gone. This operation was headed up by Theo VK5MTM and covered a wide range of bands as well as some digital modes including PSK63, CW and RTTY. Here is Theo’s description of the evening (relayed from his Facebook accoiunt).

Last night I had the pleasure of operating the special event callsign VI5ANZAC from my house.

Being a special event callsign brings much demand for amateur radio operators (hams) all over the world to “work” or make contact with the special event station.

All up I made 134 contacts across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Russia, Spain, Wales, Ukraine, England, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Netherlands, USA, Ireland, Isle of Man, Slovenia, Azores and Switzerland.

VI5ANZAC has been “activated” by different hams everyday this week via roster and I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity.


Attached is a snippet of audio one of my “pile-ups” of several European stations all calling me at the same time to make contact with me.

My station is quite modest with only 100 watts of transmitter power and a basic antenna made from speaker wire strung across my backyard so I am extremely happy with my results.

The following is some of the statistics from Theo’s activation:

10M 11
20M 69 3
40M 43 2 5
2M 1
Sub Totals 112 1 11 5 5 Total Q’s 134

A copy of the log from this activation can be accessed here!