Digital VHF/UHF Repeaters – VK5RWN D*STAR

VK5RWN System Summary

The Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group has been an active supporter and partner in the development of D*STAR digital voice repeaters for the Adelaide metropolitan area. AREG built and maintained the VK5RWN repeater site overlooking the Adelaide plains to enable people to experiment with this new digital voice mode in the Adelaide Metropolitan area.

The system has ports currently on the following frequencies:

  • Port C DV 147.0375MHz with +600kHz split
    • TX power 25W, co-linear antenna
  • Port B DV 438.400MHz with -5.4MHz split
    • TX power 25W, co-linear antenna

23cm D*STAR repeater services are currently installed but are dormant. If there is member interest the club can reactivate the port A/DD D*STAR services on the following frequency

  • Port A DV 1273.700MHz with +20MHz split
    • TX power 10W, co-linear antenna
  • Port DD 1299.700MHz simplex 128kbit data port

If you do want to experiment with this aspect of D*STAR please contact the club and we can look at enabling it again.

This repeater is powered by a wireless internet link obtained through our club sponsor, KernWi-Fi.

To see how far the Banksia Park D*STAR repeaters cover, check out the coverage maps:


So, what is D*STAR you might ask? Take a look here!

To use the gateway you will need to register. Full details can be found by following this link to the website

VK5RWN D*STAR Repeater’s FUTURE without the WIA?

In November 2014, the AREG took over over the full maintenance and financial support the VK5RWN D-Star repeater system in Adelaide after it was originally co-sponsored by the WIA.

Operating the system is the single largest operating cost the club currently has (the power bill alone is ~$600/year). Insurance, license fees, maintenance, internet access and rent nudge this figure closer to $1600/year. In order to maintain this system and cover the expenses of operating it, the AREG needs your ongoing support.

The club is now actively seeking yearly donations or preferably more of the D*STAR user community to become members of AREG in order to offset the running costs and help keep VK5RWN D*STAR operational.

If you are a registered user of this system then please consider joining AREG and throwing your support behind it’s continued operation. You can also consider making a yearly donation.

What is AREG doing to try and secure the systems future?

Users should also note that AREG is not sitting idle in reviewing the efficiency of the operation either. To reduce operational costs AREG has now disabled the 23cm ports and replaced the computer and more efficient power supplies have been added. All of these works have been done to ensure the longevity of the system.

Your direct support of AREG through memberships or donations will also make a real contribution to the sustainability of the system. We have only been able to go so far with making the system more efficient. Its long term support is now up to the user community to show their support through making regular donations or becoming members of the club. We would love to see you join us!