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Membership to the AREG is open to everyone that has a common interest in Electronics or Amateur Radio.

Within the membership of the AREG you will find many people from all walks of life with a wide and diverse range of skills.

Becoming a member of the AREG is easy;

  1. Come along to a general meeting or two
  2. Talk to one of our members on an AREG local repeater or dial in using the IRLP
  3. Print out and fill in a membership application form and contact the President or Secretary

Membership fees for 2019-2020 are $70

* NOTE: there is a $2.50 surcharge if you pay your fees via PayPal.

NOTE: Members are bound to follow the club constitution. You can access a copy of it (here) for your information.

As you can see it is not hard to become a member of the AREG and we look forward to meeting you for the first time.