AREG VHF Sprint – Oct 23rd 2022

When: Sunday 23-10-2022 1000 ACST
Duration: 30min
Where: 2m FM 146.425 -146.600.
Region: VK5

The Amateur Radio Experiments Group is looking to stimulate VHFsimplex activity with a  2m Sprint. In the first year, the frequency will be limited to the 2m band and the FM Mode. This is the most accessible with most hams having an HT or FM mobile radio at hand. The Plan is to have fun and introduce or reintroduce people to VHF and carry the newfound love of VHF into other Field days and Contests.

Sprint Contest Rules

Single Operator stations only, one call sign per operator/station. Different station types are permitted and encouraged eg Portable or Maritime Mobile. One point per contact, no reworking, 5 bonus points for working the AREG contest call; VL5X. Exchange is a Signal report and serial number starting from 1. e.g. 59001. Stations are to adhere to the VK band plan and operate in the FM Simplex range of 146.425 -146.600, stations may liaise on the call channel, but contest exchanges should occur somewhere either side of the call channel. Stations are encouraged to spread out, call CQ and search up and down the band.

Log Submission

Logs to be submitted in the calibro format using logs close 2 weeks after the contest.

AREG supports a fun and inclusive environment for the contest, please remember we are here to have fun.

Questions and feedback to:

Spread the word, the more stations that participate the more fun it will be. #AREGVHFSPRINT

Please keep watching the website for any further news or developments prior to the contest.

New VK5 VHF Contest Announced: The AREG VHF Sprint!

The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group is proud to announce a new event in the VK5 Amateur Calendar ! This coming October, the AREG will hold its inaugural AREG VHF 2m Sprint contest.

The aim of this event is to promote 2m FM simplex activity between stations in a fast paced, work as many QSO’s as you can, fun filled, action packed, 30 minute period.

Running on a Sunday just after the WIA broadcast we hope to see many people head out to their nearest hill top for an hour to come and play radio !

The rules of the contest, similar to the WIA Harry Angel sprint, will be released closer to the date. Meanwhile, now is a good time to go and find that 2m mono-band FM radio that’s been languishing in the back corner of the shack, dust it off and get it ready for battle.

Please watch the AREG website and listen to the WIA VK5 local broadcast for further news!