HF DX Operation

A very popular activity within a fair percentage of the membership of AREG is HF long distance contact operating. In the last 2-3 years this has taken off again within the club with a number of members actively chasing their DXCC (100 countries worked).


To help encourage this aspect of the hobby, AREG has signed up to ClubLog, and encourages it’s members to also join and share their DX activities!

If you would like to talk to active amateurs involved in chasing DX then why not come down to an AREG club meeting. We would love to meet you!

QSL Cards

One aspect of the hobby that AREG respects is the exchange of QSL cards. When AREG receives a QSL card it will reply in kind.

AREG’s QSL policy is QSL: SAE + $3US for direct. Bureau also accepted

Follow the link to see the cards that AREG has received:


VK5ARG has a presence on QRZ.COM thanks to Theo VK5MTM. Details available here: