AREG VI5ANZAC Activation Plans

As previously advised, the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group will be activating the special event callsign VI5ANZAC to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing of the ANZAC force on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey during World War One.

The AREG activation window is between 1200 ACST 25th April through to 2359 ACST 30th April

VI5ANZAC is based in South Australia which was also the home state of the 10th Battalion which was raised in August 1914. On 25 April 1915, the 10th Battalion took part in the Landing at Anzac Cove, coming ashore during the initial stages of the operation as part of the covering force. Members from the 10th Battalion penetrated the furthest inland of any Australian troops during the initial fighting, before the Allied advance inland was checked. AWM_C01101_Australian_10th_Bn_Gallipoli_1915

Photo: 10th Battalion Troops at Gallipoli – August 1915 (Information sourced from Wikipedia)

To work this special event callsign AREG will be active during the following times:

  • Saturday 25th April 0230UTC (1200ACST) – Sunday 26th April ~0830UTC (1800ACST) 
    • 7.150MHz (+ QRM) (Primary)
    • 14.150MHz (+QRM) (Primary – Beaming Long Path Europe)
    • 21.250MHz (+ QRM) (Secondary)
    • 28.450MHz (+QRM) (Secondary)\
      • Operators: VK5CP + Many others

        MOnstIR @ VK5CP

        40-6m MonstIR Beam – part of the VI5ANZAC station on Saturday25th/Sunday 26th April 2015

  • Tuesday 28th April 0830UTC (1800ACST) 1200UTC (2130ACST) – QRP Portable from Morialta Conservation Park 
  • Wednesday 29th April 1030UTC (2000ACST) – 1430UTC (0000ACST)
    • 14.150MHz (+QRM) Beaming LP Europe (subject to leaving work early)
    • 7.150MHz (+ QRM) Beginning 1030UTC (40m dipole)
    • 14.263MHz (+QRM) Beaming SP USA (2el Hexbeam)
    • 14.150MHz, 18.145MHz, 21.250MHz, (+QRM) Beaming SP Europe (2el Hexbeam)
    • With only two element Hexbeam I should be heard in Japan when beaming SP USA and Europe
    • Operator: Matt VK5ZM
  • Thursday 30th April – 0830 UTC (1800ACST) – sometime before 2359 UTC
    • SSB: 28.450, 21.250, 14.150, 7.150
    • RTTY: 28.085, 21.085, 14.085, 7.040
    • PSK63: 28.120, 21.070, 14.070, 7.070
    • CW (maybe)28.025, 21.025, 14.025, 7.025
      • Note: Obviously I won’t be able to work all of these bands and modes on the night but if I can these will be the frequencies you will find us on.
      • Operator: Theo VK5MTM

Members of AREG may also activate the callsign at other times during the club’s operating window. QSL will only be via CLUB Log, EQSL and LOTW –  No hard copy.

We look forward to working you all using this historic callsign!