VI5ANZAC Activation Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th April – Wrapup

11148551_10152850687341188_1061654771402084287_nThe Amateur Radio Experimenters Group (AREG) had the pleasure of co-operating the VI5ANZAC special event callsign on ANZAC day 2015 commemorating the 100th anniversary since the landing at ANZAC cove at Gallipoli in World War One. The AREG crew for these two days was based at a location ~100km east of Adelaide on the banks of the River Murray.

The operators of this activation were:

Chris VK5CP
Mark VK5QI
Matt VK5ZM
Andrew VK5AKH
Grant VK5GR



AREG operated two stations at this location covering most HF bands. The primary station setup was as follows:

  • Rig: Icom IC-7700 (200W)
  • Antenna: SteppIR MonstIR – 4 element beam (3 full-size elements on 40m)

There is a webcam setup on the MonstIR boom, giving us a wonderful view of wherever the antenna is pointing! A live view is available here.

The view from the MonstIR Yagi!

The view from the MonstIR Yagi!

The MonstIR Yagi

The MonstIR Yagi, with the (tiny!) HB35 in the background.

The second station consisted of a:

  • Rig: Elecraft K3
  • Antenna: Werner Wulf HB35 Yagi

Over 1000 contacts were made including to many of the other VI%ANZAC stations, plus VI100ANZAC, ZL100ANZAC and also to the special event stations operated by the Turkish Radio Amateur Club.

Theo even managed to film some of the action while working Europe on Sunday morning!

Not to mention the pileups he encountered on 10m!

Full details, log extracts and graphic visualisations of where we worked will be added as soon as they can be post processed.

– Mark VK5QI & Grant VK5GR