VK5RSB Repeater Extended Outages

Photo of downed powerlines courtesy ABC News

AREG’s VK5RSB Summertown repeaters  have been off air since Tuesday evening’s violent storm which has taken out power lines that feed the site. The restoration work according to SAPN is still progressing. The latest estimate for restoration is now 1.00pm today (31st December)..

We apologies for the outage on these major Adelaide repeater services, and are looking to see what can be done to reinstate the battery backup at the site which has failed.

AREG IRLP Node 6214: Back online!

repeater tower clipartThe AREG Internet Repeater Linking Project (IRLP) node number 6214, is back online with the repairs to the ADSL line fault having been repaired. The repairs were effected quicker than advised by the Telecommunications provider. Contractors have replaced the land line from the street pit back to a service pillar. The new cable appears to be providing a clean noise free service.

The AREG wishes to thank IRLP users for their patience with this outage of service and trust that all users can now enjoy the restored service.

IRLP Node 6214 requires users to be registered and be issued with a PIN or Access code number. If you do not have this access number, you are most welcome to apply to the Node 6214 Administrators via email. Please see IRLP Club News for details of how to apply for access.

Please enjoy using the IRLP service as sponsored by AREG.

AREG IRLP Node 6214: Offline due to Internet Outage

The AREG Internet Repeter Linking Project node (IRLP) repeater tower clipartnumber 6214 is currently off the air due to an ADSL line fault affecting the internet link it is connected to. ETA on restoration currently is now Wednesday 20th July.

In the interim, the Internet service may or may not be available and if it is then the IRLP node may be available, depending on the quality of the service.

The AREG wishes to apologise for the distruption of the IRLP service via the 439.900 Summertown repeater, but ask people to please understand that the problem is beyond our control.

We are in contact with the telecommunications provider and will restore the service as soon as possible.

IRLP Node 6214 now locked with a PIN!

Due to inappropriate activity where the IRLP node 6214 sadfacehas been maliciously interfered with and manipulated to the point of triggering lockout responses from other IRLP network nodes, AREG has been forced to require operators to register for access to the node, and for registered operators to use a PIN code for access.

 A most unfortunate side effect of this is that we have now locked out incidental travelers from the system and this is not in the spirit of Amateur Radio Operations. ( I am very sorry that this has had to occur, I held out as long as I could!)

Amateur radio operators who wish to use the IRLP node 6214, are requested to apply via email, with a valid email address and call sign, so as to be issued with the PIN. All applications will be recorded for administration purposes.

Applications may be made to either,

vk5bb@wia.org.au  or vk5qi@wia.org.au

Security of the issued PIN is paramount and it shall not be passed on verbally to any other interested parties.

All inquiries for the PIN shall be referred to the AREG web pages.

73, Ben, VK5BB

IRLP Node 6214 Administrator