VK5RWN, D-STAR in Adelaide, update-2

d-star-logo-350As was previously forecast in earlier posts, AREG has now installed and tested the secure Wireless link to the VK5RWN site. This means internet connectivity to the VK5RWN computer server is now independent of the Telstra phone line to the site.

As a consequence of these changes,  IP addresses have changed which have affected a number of links on various D-STAR web pages. These are in the process of being updated.

One of these links is the VK5RWN Registration page link at the bottom of the http://www.dstar.org.au/registration.htm page, which currently does not work!

However, access is available for anyone wishing to register on VK5RWN or for existing registered users to access their registration details.

Access to the VK5RWN Registration page is via, https://dstar.areg.org.au/Dstar.do

The rest of the operation of VK5RWN has been tested and is believed to be operating correctly with all connectivity to the D-STAR world in place.

If anyone experiences any problems with access to VK5RWN system, or have any questions regarding the operation of VK5RWN, you may contact the VK5RWN D-STAR Administrator, Ben VK5BB at, vk5bb@wia.org.au

As further changes to VK5RWN occur, more information will be provided by both the Local VK5 Broadcast medium and the AREG website.

73, Ben VK5BB

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