VK5RSB 6 metre repeater update

The 6 metre repeater, VK5RSB 6 at Summertown, has now been serviced, the RF transmit power amplifier has been repaired, the receiver checked for specifications and the repeater is ready for re-installation back at its site. This is all subject to a replacement antenna and the service crew availability.

A temporary antenna has been re-built and will be installed as soon as is practicable. The mechanics of the construction of this antenna will be a limitation for long term use in the harsh environment at the top of the 30 metre tower, so it will need to be replaced as soon as a suitable alternative is made available.

AREG has requested for quotes from the “big three” antenna manufacturers and only one has responded with a firm quotation for a heavy duty antenna cut for 53.750 MHz, which is now being reviewed for consideration and possible purchase.

As the loss of the antenna was unexpected, AREG would appreciate any financial assistance to help pay for the replacement antenna. So, if you are able to make a donation, any amount will be much appreciated. You may use the “Donate” button to the left of this blog to donate, or alternatively contact one of the AREG Committee members for assistance.

If you are able to donate, please add “VK5RSB 6” and your call sign so that the donation may be identified specifically in support of the 6m antenna replacement.

73, Ben VK5BB

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About VK5BB

Licenced radio amateur since 1973. Previous call signs, VK5ZBB, VK5ABE (1978) Worked in the radio communications industry since 1970. Interests are in 6 metres, home brewing, SDR, have a HPSDR, Wireless Institute of Australia advocate.