AREG June Meeting: Build your own Commodore C64 Computer!

The next meeting of the Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group will be held on Friday June 17th starting at 7.45pm. It will be held in person at the Fulham Community Centre, Phelps Court, Fulham.

Our guest speaker will be Michael VK5LN who will talk about his experiences bringing back to life one of the iconic  home computers of the 1980s,the Commodore C64! Whats more, he will show us how he has built a new C64 from scratch using the resources of the modern day retro-computing movement, which is very much alive in 2022!

The record breaking Commodore 64 computer that dominated the home computer market in the early 1980s is still going strong 40 years later! There is an endless stream of new software and hardware being developed. During its production life there were a number of different PCB revisions and each has been reverse engineered and gerber files produced so you can build your own Commodore 64 with new components. While you still need some original semiconductors in order to home brew a Commodore 64, there are modern replacements to help out.

My original 1983 Commodore 64 is still working (after needing a few repairs after being in storage for 30 years) but there is something magical about building your own retro computer.

The meeting will be held in a hybrid in-person/online format with Michael attending by remote from Port Lincoln while the live audience will be both in the hall as well as online via Zoom for members. (non members please stay tuned as we sort out if we can Youtube Stream the meeting as well).

Following the presentation there will be the usual business meeting and opportunity to catch up with AREG members in person and online. We look forward to seeing you all come along!