Medium Wave Digital Radio Mondiale Broadcasting Trial: AREG Members Listening

There is a very un-publicised Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) trial on air in Australia at the moment. The trial is on 747kHz from a transmitter site in Wangaratta, Victoria and the program is ABC Radio National.

Youtube video from “digitalmediafan” 

The signal does become decodable at times during the early evening however; there is co-channel interference coming in from MW AM transmitters on 747kHz in Toowoomba, Hobart and Esperance to contend with along with selective fading in the pass-band.

More information on the DRM format can be found here:

Steve VK5SFA has been experimenting with decoding the signal and has had some success using the following information and links:

  • How to install the decoding software. (HERE)
  • Source of the required Dream V2.2.x software (HERE)
  • And the missing dll file here:  (HERE)

He also suggests a directional antenna such as a magnetic loop might be of some benefit. Steve has used his Flex Radio as well as an Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR receiver with some success. Experimenters should also remember to use a digital USB mode (no audio EQ) and make the RX filter wide enough to fit the whole digital spectrum when trying to decode the signal.  (Note the centre carrier frequency is 747kHz +/- the signal BW)

Have FUN experimenting!