Launch Day: Horus 41/42 Tracking Details

Watch here for details of tracking both Horus 41 (VK5ARG-1) and Horus 42 (VK5ARG-2). The links to the Wenet payload images will give you a look at the two look down cameras – one filming in visible light, the other in Infra Red.

Live updates on the flight progress from the chase teams will be available via the club Facebook page

Flight Times / Locations:

Horus 41 – McLaren Vale – 10:00am ACDT

  • RTTY Telemetry: 434.650MHz 100 bps
  • Wenet Imagery Payload 441.2MHz 115Kbit/s

Horus 42 – Mt Barker – 10:00am ACDT

  • RTTY Telemetry: 434.075MHz 100 bps
  • Wenet Imagery Payload: 443.5MHz 115Kbit/s

Both balloons are intended to be launched simultaneously! Listen on the VK5RSB 70cm repeater for the launch coordination.  Tracking details for RTTY payloads can be found here (click).

For some background on this event take a look here (click).