HORUS 40 Balloon Flight: Sunday 4th Dec – CANCELLED

horus-logo-blackThe flight planned for today had to be cancelled at the last minute due to the weather conditions at the launch site. Heavy rain and high winds just as we were to start filling the balloon forced us to call a halt to the proceedings.

The planned flight will now be rescheduled for the first few weeks back at school in the new year (first week of February is being considered)..

It is a very busy weekend for the Project Horus team within the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group. Yesterday (Saturday) we flew a payload for Tea Tree Gully Council Library. Today (Sunday) we are flying a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) payload through LaunchBox for a local Adelaide high school.

The predicted flight track for Horus 40 is below.


The parameters being considered for this flight will make it a fast one, as we are aiming to prevent it landing in the inaccessible territory at the western end of Ngarkat Conservation Park, plus we have some less than favorable surface launch conditions to deal with in the morning according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Horus 40 Flight Details

Liftoff is planned for 10AM ACDT from Mt Barker High School. The payloads will be:

  • Standard RTTY Telemetry: 434.650 MHz, 100 baud ASCII-7N1
  • Wenet Imagery Payload: 441.200 MHz
  • LaunchBox payload
  • Flight Path Management and Control Payload

Tracking will be available via habhub.org habhublogo

SSDV imagery will be available via ssdv.habhub.org/VK5QI

How can you get involved?

Amateurs across SE Australia can contribute to the flight through RTTY telemetry data collection and forwarding to the Internet. Multiple members of AREG are also involved collecting the SSDV imagery data from the 115kbit/s high speed downlink. Follow the links from HabHub or on the AREG website for more details.