Welcome to the AREG Committee for 2016/17

The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group held it’s Annual General Meeting last night, Friday July 15th. At the meeting, all positions were declared vacant and Chris VK5CP presided over the process of selecting a new committee for the forthcoming year.

Nominations were received and in the absence of any competition, the following people were elected to the committee for 2016/17″


President:,Matthew VK5ZM

Secretary:,Scott VK5TST

Treasurer:,Grant VK5GR

Committee:,Ben VK5BB

,Mark VK5QI (Minutes Secretary)

,Josh VK5JO

,Andy VK5AKH

,Kim VK5FJ

,Theo VK5MTM[/table]

Welcome to the new members on the committee in Kim and Theo!