River Paddling Marathon 200 – Radio Network Ready


After three weekends of consecutive working bees that have been very well attended by club members, plus many late nights spent by the organizing committee on the logistics and planning, AREG is ready to deliver the communications network to the River Paddling Marathon 200 over the June long weekend. The committee sincerely wishes to thank all of the members who have volunteered to help each weekend. You have, as a group, helped sustain the pizza shops in the NE suburbs it seems…although the home made lasagna on Saturday definitely hit a cord with those who were in attendance.

MCC LogoOn Friday night, it was great to see most of the participants at the clubrooms for the operator briefing. Many thoughtful questions were asked. It was encouraging to see people thinking carefully and clearly about why AREG was there and what we needed to achieve for the event organizers. Thanks in particular to the MCC organizers who attended and provided the extra insights into the event, in particular Martin Finn and Peter Schar.

All of this build up now leads to the main event. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Riverland and meeting up with our additional operators from the Riverland Amateur Radio Club!