IRLP Node 6214 is off air.

The AREG sponsored IRLP node 6214 here in Adelaide, VK5, has been taken off air pending service to the VK5RAD 70cm repeater and an upgrade to the IRLP node equipment.

The node is expected to be off air for a number of weeks, possibly through to August. Work on both systems is very dependent on the availability of the few volunteers and access to the site.

AREG apologises for any inconvenience to the amateur radio community.

73, Ben VK5BB, node 6214 Administrator

23 cm analogue FM voice repeater

Saturday 2nd of March, a group of AREG members installed the 23 cm analogue FM voice repeater at the VK5RSB site, Summertown.

The repeater transmit frequency is 1273.500 MHz with a positive 20 MHz shift for receive. Transmit power into the the coax to the collinear antenna is 10 watts carrier. The repeater should provide good coverage across the major areas of the Adelaide plains.

You need to program your radio for 1273.500 MHz receive with a positive 20 MHz offset, giving your transmit at 1293.500 MHz. No CTCSS is required.

The repeater is fully operational, so check it out.

Thanks go all those who helped with the installation, Colin VK5ACE, who built the repeater, Ben VK5BB and Paul VK5BX, who did the rigging, Mark VK5QI and Andy VK5AKH, ground crew.

Website Updates

Some may have noticed that the AREG website is slowly being updated and changed as time permits.

Of note is the Upcoming Events page now works properly and all General Meetings have been added for the next 12 months.  These dates are tentative and may change as we get closer to the date, so members should watch the website for final details.  However it is nice to be able to fill in our diaries this early in the year.

In time much of the previous content will be added back to the website as we all learn what we can do with this WordPress site.

73’s Matthew, VK5ZM

IRLP node 6214

Due to the changes at VK5RSB with the requirement for the input CTCSS tone of 91.5Hz, the IRLP Node 6214 has now been transferred to the VK5RAD 70cm frequency, 439.925 MHz.

As AREG are the sponsors for both the 70cm repeaters, VK5RSB 439.900 and VK5RAD 439.925, AREG were planning changes with the IRLP node with the intention to transfer it to 439.925 in the future. However due to interference problems with VK5RSB necessitating implementing CTCSS on the repeater’s receiver, the transfer of the IRLP node 6214 has been brought forward.

AREG trusts that the transfer of the IRLP node 6214 is of value to the amateur community and that the system is available to all, including those who do not have the CTCSS capability in their radio equipment.

Ben VK5BB, 6214 node Administrator.

And…. we’re back

Well after a short hiatus the AREG website is back.  After having suffered server failure and dealing with a less than friendly domain registrar we’ve taken the liberty of changing from physical to virtual servers, rebuilding databases, setting up better backups and rejiggering our entire domain and settings.  Fingers crossed we can leave it in auto pilot for some time.

73, Matthew VK5ZM