VK5RWN Port C (2 metres) frequency changes

Hi all D-STAR Users,

Just to advise, VK5RWN Port C (2 metres) has had its frequencies changed as of Monday 23 September 2013.

The new Repeater frequencies are,

Repeater Tx 147.0375 MHz
Repeater Rx 147.6375 MHz, (+ 600kHz shift)

therefore you need to change your portable and mobiles to reflect,

Mbl/Port Tx 147.6375 MHz
Mbl/Port Rx 147.0375 MHz
Set Rptr1 VK5RWN C
Set Rptr2 VK5RWN G

The frequency change has been brought about due to adjacent channel interference from the VK5RLH 2m repeater at Lochiel causing problems for some users mobiles and portables. These frequency changes are temporary whilst we evaluate the impact of the changes. If it works out OK, then AREG will apply for permanent changes and fix the frequencies.

Please let any other users know of the changes.

Advice will be promulgated via the National and Local Broadcast News and Notes, the AREG Web pages, www.areg.org.au, the D-STAR VK5 web pages.

Feedback will be appreciated.

73, Ben VK5BB
VK5RWN D-STAR Administrator