Next Fox Hunt – Friday 31st March

AREGs next car-based fox hunt will be held this coming Friday the 31st of March, starting from the car park of the North Adelaide Aquatic Centre Carpark at 6:30 PM. This is somewhat out of our usual schedule due to the foot-based hunt held earlier in the month, and we hope to get back to our usual second-Friday schedule in May.

We’ll have three foxes deployed around the Adelaide area, on both the 2m and 70cm bands, so come along and have a go!

The frequencies will be:

  • 145.300 MHz (1W transmit power)
  • 144.390 MHz (100mW transmit power)
  • 439.400 MHz (50mW transmit power)

As usual, liaison will be on the VK5RSB Summertown 70cm repeater which operates on 439.900 (-5MHz) 91.5 CTCSS. Please come up on the repeater so we know how you are faring throughout the evening!

The event is open to anyone with radio direction finding equipment and will span most of the Adelaide metropolitan area. We would love to see you there!