Next AREG Meeting: Friday 21st – Ionospheric propagation on 50MHz

Roger VK2ZRH

AREG is pleased to announce that our guest speaker for our October meeting is Roger Harrison, VK2ZRH. The topic is “Ionospheric Propagation on 50MHz”.

It’s called “the magic band”. Propagation of 50MHz signals over long distances is supported by serendipitous opportunities that arise in the ionosphere, in both the E and F regions. Those opportunities may be anticipated, but cannot be reliably forecast. You’ve gotta be there when they happen! Then, it’s magic.

Roger will be covering the characteristics of ionospheric sporadic-E propagation (Es), transequatorial .propagation (TEP), and ionospheric F2 propagation. He has extensive experience in this area having previously worked for the IPS Space Weather Services Research / Engineering branch.

This presentation is also very timely with some of the early 50MHz openings to Japan occurring just this week, right at the start of the summer 50MHz DX season.

Where and When

The meeting will be held in person in Adelaide, at the Fulham Community Centre, off Phelps Court, Fulham on Friday 21st October, starting at:

  • 7.45pm Australian Central Daylight Savings Time (ACDT)
  • 7.15pm Queensland Standard Time (AEST)
  • 8.15pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT)
  • 6:45pm NT Standard time (ACST)
  • 5:15pm Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)
  • 0915 Hrs UTC

Visitors are always welcome at the club rooms which will be open from 7.15pm. Roger will be presenting to us remotely from his home in Queensland.

For remote AREG members, the meeting will also be held over Zoom.

For non Adelaide based non members, you will be able to tune in to Rogers presentation via Hayden VK7HH’s HamRadioDX YouTube channel.

We hope to see you there!