AREG: 2021/2022 – A Year in Review

The Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group Inc held its Annual General Meeting on Friday August 19th. Our new office bearers for FY22/23 are as follows:

President:Matt VK5ZM
SecretaryMark VK5QI
TreasurerGrant VK5GR
Committee:Steve VK5SFA
Committee: Gerard VK5ZQV
CommitteeTheo VK5IR
CommitteeDarin VK5IX
CommitteeMichael VK5MN
CommitteeChris VK5FR

A vote of thanks was given to the departing committee members Kim VK5FJ, Jeff VK5AC and Andrew VK5AKH for their contributions to the committee in 2021/22.

Members can contact the committee through the vk5arg @ mailbox.

2021/22 was a big year for AREG. The following highlights will give you a sense of what was achieved this past year!

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