AREG Fox Hunt Fridays – February Hunt Report

The second of our monthly fox hunts for 2021 was held last Friday the 12th of February.

Four AREG members set out to hunt the foxes down and we were also joined by guest Brian, VK5TBC.

The usual two 144MHz foxes were deployed by Grant VK5GR as well as a bonus ultra low powered 25mW 433 MHz fox, made from a repurposed ex Bureau of Meteorology Radiosonde.

The first fox was hidden by the banks of the River Torrens in Lockleys. The second was hidden in a tree on the golfing greens just behind North Adelaide Railway Station.

The third 70cm fox was hidden roughly 400 meters from from where the first 144MHz fox was deployed.

Sigtrax is a great mobile app for plotting bearings/beam headings when when out hunting the fox.

The 144MHz fox hidden in a tree on the North Adelaide gold course


The next fox hunt is scheduled for the evening of Friday the 12th of March. This hunt may see us start from a new location of stay tuned for more info!