VK5RWN Wireless Link

On October 18th the AREG installed a new 5.8GHz wireless link into the VK5RWN repeater system.

The system is on test for the next couple of weeks, the results have been very promising with the link providing in excess of 30Mbit throughput (full duplex).  Certainly many times faster than the current 512kbit symmetrical ADSL connection.


Once the wireless link has been finally commissioned and cut over the AREG will be able to close the current ADSL and Telephone internet connection which will significantly reduce the on-going running costs of this site.

I’d like to thank Bob VK5FO, Ray VK5RR, Andy VK5AKH and Mark VK5QI for assisting me with the installation and setup of both ends of the link.

73 Matt, VK5ZM