AREG July 2014 General Meeting

The next General Meeting is this Friday, 18th July, at the Reedbeds Community Hall, 7:30 pm.

There are no formal planned activities for this month other than a short sharp and shiny General Meeting.  This will be a welcome change from the two hour long marathons of the past few months.

This coming weekend the AREG will be busy activating one of the the Australian IARU HQ contesting stations, under the callsign VK5WIA, in Younghusband, on the banks of the Murray River.   I’m sure there will be plenty of activity and stories of the adventure at the next meeting.

During the meeting we will also be covering general club business, further preparation for the AGM, which has been decided for August, and the general “rag chewing” over coffee, tea and cake.

If any members have winter time projects that they would like to share with the group, then we’d love you to bring them along and discuss over a coffee.

73, Matt VK5ZM