AREG Christmas BBQ 22nd December 2013

To mark the end of another year the AREG will be having a BYO Christmas BBQ for members, friends and family in Bonython park on the 22nd of December 2013.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

The BBQ will be held by the banks of the River Torrens close to the Kiosk, starting at 11am.  A marquee and table will be available to hold food/plates etc.   The day will be BYO everything ie meat, drinks, chairs and salads.  I was going to suggest that salads could be placed on a table to share.

There are electric BBQ’s in this area that can be used to cook food, and a playground for the kids.   There are also shady trees that I’m sure a HF longwire (or two) will be slung into.

The following map will get you into the right location (CLICK).  Liasion will be via VK5RSA 438.025MHz.

We hope to see you there.


Matthew, VK5ZM