April Fox Hunt – Friday 8th April – CANCELLED

UPDATE: It’s unlikely we’ll be able to re-schedule a hunt this month. The next hunt will be on Friday the 13th of May.

The next monthly AREG fox-hunt is scheduled for this coming Friday night, the 8th of April, with hunters meeting from 6:15pm at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre car park.

This hunt will again see our usual two 2m (145.3 MHz, 144.390 MHz) and as well as our 70cm foxes (439.4 MHz) deployed somewhere within the Adelaide metropolitan area. The hunt kicks off with the transmitters being activated at 6.30pm.

Liaison will be via the Summertown (VK5RSB) UHF Repeater on 439.900MHz (-5MHz Input with 91.5Hz CTCSS).

Last month Theo VK5IR successfully found the 70cm fox using a receiver system consisting of a 70cm Yagi antenna made of tape measure, a RTL-SDR, and a tablet PC. This hold some promise in being a fairly cheap way of getting into fox-hunting, though there are some kinks still to be worked out. For now, here’s a video of Theo finding the fox:

Hope to see you there on the night!