IRLP History

Installation of Node

The IRLP node was first built and installed at Adrian VK5ZSN QTH in Felixstow.  It was set up using an spare computer using a Version 3 IRLP board. The node was set up as an experiment to see what all this hype was about with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

IRLP Node Locations

The IRLP has been relocated a number of times, since it was first constructed it’s been graciously kept by the following AREG members;

  1. Adrian VK5ZSN
  2. Peter VK5TZX
  3. Adrian VK5ZSN
  4. Ben VK5BB

While moving between these locations the original spare computer was replaced by a low power VIA C3 Mini-ITX computer and more recently stripped apart and housed in a 19″ rack including the Radio.

2nd March 2018, the IRLP node 6214 computer died of old age and was decommissioned as it was no longer stable. Consideration was being given as to what the new computer should be?

16 April 2018, the IRLP node 6214 is back on air. The node’s “new” computer is now a Raspberry Pi 1, with modifications to the IRLP board to allow for operation on 3 volts as is used by the Raspberry Pi.

2 October 2018, A lightning storm crossed Adelaide in the evening and a close bolt of lightning above the QTH where the IRLP computer is located caused a massive EMP with induced current into the Ethernet LAN cables to the IRLP computer and the local modem. This EMP took out the modem and the Ethernet port on the Raspberry Pi 1 computer and put the node off air. Both the modem and the raspberry Pi1 boards needed to be replaced.

17 October 2018, all systems tested after the recovery from the EMP, final port forwarding set up in the new modem and the IRLP node 6214 tested. All appears to be good and the system put back on air. (the access code has been removed to allow “open access” for the JOTA weekend 20, 21 Oct)