IRLP Acceptable Use Policy

The IRLP node number 6214 is free to use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators.  The computer hardware, Internet bandwidth, mains power and repeater access are all provided at no charge by the AREG.

The AREG does however ask that in return all Users of our node abide by the AREG IRLP Acceptable Use Policy below, so please;

  • Identify yourself before sending any DTMF commands
  • If the repeater is busy, ask the current users before dialling a remote node
  • Once finished using the IRLP node, send a disconnect command (73); do not leave it connected unnecessarily
  • Leave around 2 to 3 seconds between overs (allows for delay and lets other join in)
  • Be courteous to any Amateurs that dial into the node unexpectedly

The IRLP node has been set up to be disabled during the regular VK5RSB “drive time periods”  between the hours of 0700 – 0900 local SA time and again between 1600 – 1830 in the afternoon.

The AREG IRLP team actively monitor this repeater and will shut down the IRLP node without warning if users are found to be not following this policy.  We trust that users that may be inconvenienced by this action from time to time understand.

The AREG hopes you enjoy using IRLP node number 6214.