AREG at the AHARS Hamfest 6th November

AREG will again be present at the AHARS Buy’n’Sell event on the 6th of November! This yearly event, is a regular on every Amateur Radio Operator’s calendar in Adelaide and is not to be missed.

Apart from amateurs there will also be commercial retailers of amateur equipment in attendance. This is an ideal opportunity to pick up that new item without the cost of freight.

AREG will have much on offer!

The AREG has been lucky this year and has obtained a large amount of surplus equipment that it will be able to offer to the Amateur Radio community in Adelaide. This will include lengths of LMR400 coax, repeaters and many other components and gadgets which are useful to anyone who constructs anything electronic at home. So, come on down to the AHARS Buy’n’Sell. Doors open at 9.30am!

areg at ahars buy n sell

AREG going to the Adelaide Maker Faire!


The Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group is going to mount a display at the Adelaide Maker Faire this year. This will be a huge opportunity to promote Amateur Radio to School and University age people and their parents as a fun challenging activity to get your collective creative juices flowing in.

Members are currently in the process of constructing our display. If you want to get involved, contact Kim VK5FJ who is coordinating the event for the club


AREG Members Help out! Thanks from VK5GR

Being a member of a radio club has many advantages. Once of the not so obvious is when it comes time to engage in some mast construction. Grant VK5GR discovered just how helpful fellow club members were prepared to be today when over 10 members volunteered for the “Olympic Concrete Wheelbarrow Pouring Tryouts” at his QTH as the footings were finally poured for his new tilt over tower.

Having had the hole dug with an auger the day before, assistance came from many directions within the club, from a member welding up additional leveling steel-work for the base to the concrete laying relay team and the concrete finishing team who helped put the final touches on what in about 4 weeks will become a new HexBeam HF station.

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Digging the hole

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Pouring the Concrete

Membership of the club put Grant in touch will all of these helpers. So why not give it some thought. There is more to being a member of your local radio club than just attending meetings and using the club repeater systems

Thanks to VK5FDEN, VK5SA, VK5ZM, VK5BB, VK5FJ, VK5IX, VK5KX, VK5JG, VK5TST, VK5FGRY and VK5FSAW for all of your help and support. It is very much appreciated!

Next Meeting: 28th October – Digital 70cm ATV

NOTE: CHANGED WEEK THIS MONTH – 4th Friday – 28th October

The next meeting of the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group will be held on Friday October 28th, at the Reedbeds Community Hall, Fulham in Adelaide. The meeting time has been moved back one week in October and November this year due to the availability of the hall.

Digital Amateur Television on 446.5MHz


Steve Adler, VK5SFA will be giving a presentation of his experiments this year setting up a DVB-T ATV transmitter on the 70cm band. The discussion will include how others can get involved in these experiments, including how to receive the 446.5MHz Digital TV signals.

The system that Steve is experimenting with is using the same modulation standards as the main broadcasters. This means that at least some current TV sets can directly tune to the channel, while for others, the purchase of a cheap set top box from one of several retailers (for <$100) will get you access to Steve’s signal.

So why not come along and find out all about digital ATV?

The hall will be open from 7.45pm with the meeting starting at 8.00pm. Visitors are most welcome

Report: AREG Participation in OCDX SSB Contest

Oceania DX Contest VK5ARG Field Day station Cancelled

Despite the weather, AREG members still made sure that the club call-sign VK5ARG was heard on the bands for the Oceania DX Contest, albeit from the QTH of one of our members and not from the planned portable operation. The unprecedented weather system that rolled through South Australia in the days before the contest, coupled with the storms that arrived Sunday meant that the field day activation simply wasn’t possible this year.

Courtesy Bureau of Meteorology

Courtesy Bureau of Meteorology

Relocation to the Murray Mallee activated as plan C

In order to get VK5ARG on the air, a hasty retreat was made to the Murray Mallee where Chris VK5CP has his remote station. There we had access to two stations covering 20-10m and 40-10m respectively. On the Friday afternoon we also erected a temporary antenna to give us access to 80m and 160m for the contest!

Getting ready to raise the 80/160m dipoles from the top of the cliff (Photo courtesy VK5MTM)

Getting ready to raise the 80/160m dipoles from the top of the cliff (Photo courtesy VK5MTM)

Most of the crew who planned to activate Para Wirra Park made the journey out to the Mallee and so we were able to man 3 stations when required. Those who participated were:


The contest itself was also hard going. The sun and the ionosphere did not cooperate well. This was reflected in the score achieved. At one point during the contest the T-Index map looked like this:

T-Index Map during the OCDX Contest 2016 (courtesy BOM Space Weather Division)

T-Index Map during the OCDX Contest 2016 (courtesy BOM Space Weather Division)

It made for some peculiar propagation. 15m was open for a time when no contacts could be had on 20m during the day on Sunday. At night, we also had some great signals on 80m including contacts to the US West coast and the Mariana Islands. 40m however was our standout band, having extended openings to the USA Saturday evening and to Europe Sunday early morning.


Campfire during OCDX 2016 (Photo Courtesy VK5MTM)

Campfire during OCDX 2016 (Photo Courtesy VK5MTM)

Overall, a great time was had despite the difficult propagation. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The final score achieved was:

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A very special thanks must be expressed to Chris VK5CP who bailed us out when the weather threatened to scuttle our participation completely. Thanks also goes to all of the contest organizing committee, band captains, operators and support crew who did make the trek out to the Murray Mallee to operate and support VK5ARG, including: VK5AKH, VK5ZM, VK5XFG, VK5GR, VK5MTM, VK5KX, VK5QI, VK5IX, VK5FGRY, VK5FSAW and last but not least VK5CP!

Thanks also goes to everyone who worked very hard preparing the station over the preceding 3 months. Don’t fear, your efforts have not been in vain as a suitable activation of the park will be planned in the near future (so that all of the work can be put to the test).

Till next year! 73s de VK5ARG!