Website back up !

LcK75XpcaThe AREG website is back up after a short outage over the weekend.

In recent weeks there have been numerous security updates and advisories released for Apache Web Servers.  These had been backing up for a while and were batched process in one large go Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately one of the updates broke the website and it wasn’t picked up before the club meeting.

Our apologies for the website being down, there should be a flurry of activity as a result of the Club Meeting Friday night, stay tuned !

73, Matthew VK5ZM

RPM200 Community Event – 2015 Planning Begins


The AREG committee members have already begun the planning work for our club’s participation in the Marathon Canoe Club of SA’s RPM200 paddling event which will again be held over the June long weekend.

As always, the event will require AREG to cover the River Murray with communications from Berri to Morgan. Like we did last year, we are partnering with the Riverland Radio Club in order to achieve this for the 3 days.

Final details of the course for this year are expected shortly from the MCC. Lock 4 has reopened for this year but we are unsure about Lock 3. Once those details are known we will lock down the checkpoint requirements, prepare the operator registration forms and start planning the rosters.

Accommodation this year has been booked at the Kingston Caravan park, so the home base will be a little closer to the start of Day 1 and 2. Details of the accommodation and catering planning will be circulated at future club meetings leading up to the event.

Members are also advised that several working bees will also required between now and the event. One will focus on refreshing the VHF commercial network equipment, one will involve a field trip to the Riverland to replace the feeder at VK5RLD for the commercial repeater and one will most likely focus on assembling the APRS equipment we are looking to operate as part of this years event.

As always we look forward to the eager support from our members in this endeavor. If last year is anything to go by it should again be a load of fun for all involved!

John Moyle Field Day 2015 – Joint Club Effort

Our keen “contest master” Andrew VK5AKH is again marshaling the troops for a tilt at the 2015 John Moyle Field Day contest. We have been planning the JMMFD effort for some time with lots of discussions happening over the summer months over a few beers, at at various portable operations and AREG and EARC club meetings.  With each year, our plans have seen incremental improvements being made with experiences learnt and the station has expanded into a top class contest station.

Last year the VK5LZ team was off DSC_5082
operating microwave at other locations while VK5ARG took up the mantle of participating on HF in the contest (as microwave is not everyone’s cup of tea). Several  HF minded EARC operators as a result teamed up with members of AREG to operate under the VK5ARG club call-sign at Parra Wirra conservation park with much success.It was so much of a success that the guys who operated at Parra Wirra last year want to come back and do it again!

So, this year, It has been agreed by both EARC and AREG, with the support of the WIA, to put in a combined team effort from Para Wirra. As it is a multi club effort we have united the teams under the state WIA call-sign, VK5WIA. The use of the WIA call sign also gives us a good opportunity to invite some hams from other clubs along who approached Andy after his contesting talk at the AHARS symposium. This will give new-comers an introduction to the art of contesting and HF portable operation (be it on an extreme level).

If you wish to participate, here are the details:

When: 21st-22nd March
Where: Para Wirra Recreation Park
Registration: Operators and Visitors Please fill in this form..

There is a Google group at the end of the form that you can join to be kept abreast of all of the preparatory developments for the contest over the next few weeks too! Details are available at the end of the registration form.

VK5RSB 6m Repeater Replacement Antenna Ordered!

The repair of the 53.750 MHz VK5RSB 6m FM repeater is one step closer with the order finally being placed for the replacement antenna.

Members will recall; that the site suffered what appears to be a lightning strike before Christmas. The temporary antenna that was installed shortly after the strike hasn’t worked out so well. Due to excessive VSWR, it has damaged the transmitter PA which Adrian VK5ZBR will lovingly reconstruct (again) as part of the repairs.

A big thank you to all the members who made donations towards it’s purchase. We have been advised that the antenna is only 1-2 weeks away from delivery into Adelaide. Once it has arrived, plans will be set for the repair to take place.

Next AREG Meeting now 13th March!

The Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group is going to hold it’s monthly meeting a week early in March on Friday March 13th. This is to avoid clashing with preparations for the John Moyle Field Day. The main topic for the evening will be discussing the arrangements for the John Moyle Field Day contest.

The venue will be the Reedbeds Community Centre, Fulham Gardens.

See you there from 7.45pm!