AREG August 2014 General Meeting

The next General Meeting is this Friday, 15th August, at the Reedbeds Community Hall, 8:30 pm.

There are no formal planned activities for this month other than a short sharp and shiny General Meeting.  Prior to the General meeting will be the Annual General Meeting.

During the general meeting we will also be covering club business, further discussion after the AGM, and the general “rag chewing” over coffee, tea and cake.

If any members have winter time projects that they would like to share with the group, then we’d love you to bring them along and discuss over a coffee.

73, Matt VK5ZM

AREG 2014 Annual General Meeting

Yes it is that time again folks for the AREG Annual General Meeting.

The AREG Annual General Meeting will be held on the 15th of August at the Reedbeds Community Hall starting at 7:30pm sharp.

Nominations for all executive positions close just prior to the start of the AGM, so if you haven’t already nominated your interest then please make sure that you do.

After the AGM will launch into a short, general business meeting followed by coffee and cake.

73’s Matt, VK5ZM