AREG General Meeting 15th March 2013

The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group next general meeting is Friday the 15th of March 2013.

This months meeting is yet another general get together as we ease into the third month of 2013.   This will be followed by coffee, tea and cake for a gold coin donation

We hope to see you there.

73, Matthew VK5ZM

23 cm analogue FM voice repeater

Saturday 2nd of March, a group of AREG members installed the 23 cm analogue FM voice repeater at the VK5RSB site, Summertown.

The repeater transmit frequency is 1273.500 MHz with a positive 20 MHz shift for receive. Transmit power into the the coax to the collinear antenna is 10 watts carrier. The repeater should provide good coverage across the major areas of the Adelaide plains.

You need to program your radio for 1273.500 MHz receive with a positive 20 MHz offset, giving your transmit at 1293.500 MHz. No CTCSS is required.

The repeater is fully operational, so check it out.

Thanks go all those who helped with the installation, Colin VK5ACE, who built the repeater, Ben VK5BB and Paul VK5BX, who did the rigging, Mark VK5QI and Andy VK5AKH, ground crew.