AREG General Meeting 21st Sept 2012

AREG’s next general meeting is Friday the 21st of Sept 2012.

This meeting will be a general meeting/gathering and the first for the new committee, so be nice !   The formal part of the meeting will be kept to as short a time as possible.   I’d certainly encourage any members that have been doing something interesting over the last few winter months to bring it along for an impromptu show and tell.

Spring is upon us and the weather is warming up, so I hope this sees more members venture out of an evening away from the safety of the family heater or foot warmer (amplifier) under the bench in the Hamshack.

The invitation for the evening is extended to all persons who may be interested in amateur radio, AREG’s activities and see an amateur radio club in action, however the evening will be primarily focused around AREG’s activities, past, present and future.

So come along and visit at an AREG meeting, find out what the AREG is up to and participate in an evening with other amateur radio operators.

Coffee, tea, cake will be on for supper that is provided one of the new executive remember to do so.

73, Matthew VK5ZM

And…. we’re back

Well after a short hiatus the AREG website is back.  After having suffered server failure and dealing with a less than friendly domain registrar we’ve taken the liberty of changing from physical to virtual servers, rebuilding databases, setting up better backups and rejiggering our entire domain and settings.  Fingers crossed we can leave it in auto pilot for some time.

73, Matthew VK5ZM