VK5RSB Repeater Extended Outages

Photo of downed powerlines courtesy ABC News

AREG’s VK5RSB Summertown repeaters  have been off air since Tuesday evening’s violent storm which has taken out power lines that feed the site. The restoration work according to SAPN is still progressing. The latest estimate for restoration is now 1.00pm today (31st December)..

We apologies for the outage on these major Adelaide repeater services, and are looking to see what can be done to reinstate the battery backup at the site which has failed.

VK5RSB Repeaters undergoing Maintenance – COMPLETED

The VK5RSB 70cm and 23cm repeaters may be off air for a period today whilst the mains power wiring at the site is worked on. Apologies for the short notice!

The 6m repeater should remain active as it is connected to the battery backup system on site.

VK5RSB 23cm is back !

repeater tower clipartThe VK5RSB 23cm repeater is now back online.

After a couple of hectic weeks Colin VK5ACE has made the necessary repairs to the 23cm repeater and put it back on the hill.

If any users observe the repeater doing something odd please contact us on the email addresses (here).

Many thanks to Colin for all the hard work getting this service back on the air again.

73, Matthew VK5ZM

UPDATE: VK5RSB 6m repeater is back, 23cm Repeater Offline for Repairs

Regular users of the VK5RSB repeater tower clipart23cm repeater may have noticed a deterioration in audio quality when the repeater is in use for an extended period. As of the 15th of June, the  repeater has been removed from service so repairs can be affected.

Many thanks go to Colin VK5ACE for building and continuing to maintain the best coverage 23cm repeater in VK5!

Meanwhile, the VK5RSB 6m is now back on the air thanks to the efforts of Rod VK5UDX and Adrian VK5ZBR. The new antenna has been installed and the repeater has been repaired. Thanks guys for your efforts!

AREG assists AHARS with VK5RAD 70cm Repeater Restoration

repeater tower clipartIn the last week, AREG members have teamed up with the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (AHARS) to help bring the Crafers VK5RAD 70cm 439.925MHz repeater back to life. Temporary equipment has been loaned to the site while repairs continue on the original repeater.

VK5RAD 70cm Repeater Access Details:

  • Repeater Transmit: 439.925MHz
  • Repeater Receive: 434.925MHz (-5MHz offset)

Thanks to everyone at AHARS and AREG for restoring this valuable service to amateurs in the greater Adelaide area.

NOTE Regarding IRLP Node 6214

The 6214-IRLP node currently is still on  the VK5RSB 70cm repeater on 439.900 (contrary to what was broadcast on the WIA Sunday News this week). AREG is discussing the plans for its move currently with AHARS and the AREG membership. We will advise when the IRLP gateway does move.

VK5RSB 6m Repeater Update: New Antenna has Arrived

LcK75XpcaUPDATE: April 17th 2015: Users of the VK5RSB 6m repeater will be pleased to learn that AREG has finally received the new antenna from Polar Industries.A big thank you to all of the donor’s who have helped fund the replacement antenna.

The club is still happy to receive additional donations so that the maintenance funds can be replenished, so if you are a regular user on VK5RSB 6m, please consider making a contribution! Donations can be made via the PayPal button on the left hand side of the screen.

Planning for the replacement antenna’s installation is now underway as well as the repairs to the 6m transmitter amplifier. We will advise when the system has been restored!

VK5RSB 6m Repeater Replacement Antenna Ordered!

The repair of the 53.750 MHz VK5RSB 6m FM repeater is one step closer with the order finally being placed for the replacement antenna.

Members will recall; that the site suffered what appears to be a lightning strike before Christmas. The temporary antenna that was installed shortly after the strike hasn’t worked out so well. Due to excessive VSWR, it has damaged the transmitter PA which Adrian VK5ZBR will lovingly reconstruct (again) as part of the repairs.

A big thank you to all the members who made donations towards it’s purchase. We have been advised that the antenna is only 1-2 weeks away from delivery into Adelaide. Once it has arrived, plans will be set for the repair to take place.

VK5RSB 6m Repeater – Down Again

VK5RSB 6m_2The VK5RSB 6m repeater is once again off the air.  We suspect that the temporary antenna has failed, most likely taking the power amplifier with it again.

The AREG is currently looking to buy a new commercially made co-linear 6m antenna, we have received quotes to replace the antenna for A$500.

The AREG would welcome any donations to the antenna replacement by regular users/contributors.  There’s a donate button on the front page of our website, simply place “VK5RSB 6m” in the relevant field when prompted to let us know what the donation is for.

Those users that have already donated we offer our thanks !   Without your support this repeater would be off air for a much longer period.